XML Page

XML Page

"Fast Bulk String-Matching" Balisage 2021 Slides (PowerPoint, 7.4M)

XQuery code libraries; random distributions and noise functions, geometric code, Aho-Corasick implementation, etc.

"XML for Art"; Balisage 2020 Slides (PDF, 5.5M)

"Brzozowski_Derivatives Applied to JSON Schema"; Balisage 2019 Slides (Powerpoint, 1.3M)

"Metaphors We Code By"; Balisage 2018 Slides (Powerpoint, 45M)

"Concrete Syntax of Documents: Purpose and Variety" (retrospective on thesis work in modern XML context); Balisage 2017 Slides (Powerpoint, 400K)

"Markup as Index Interface: Think Like a Search Engine"; Balisage 2015 Slides (Powerpoint, 500K)

"Type Introspection in XQuery"; Balisage 2012 Presentation (Prezi: unzip and run app, 11M) Component diagram.

"Schema Component Paths for Schema Metrics"; Balisage 2010 Slides (Powerpoint, 800K)

XML Schema Component Designator tools

XML Schema FAQ

Two takes on a MathML schema: with substitution groups and with choice groups

DTD to Schema tool update (see W3C site for original)

XML Overview

XML Developer's Day 1998 Presentation (PowerPoint, 120K)

XML Schema Dev Archive

XML Dev Archive