12 April 2008

Plus ça Change

So. Opening day for the neo-neo-Quakes. Calling this a "home" opener is a bit rich, given that it's 30 miles up the freeway from "home", and the Colliseum is a terrible place to watch football, with the ambiance of a freeway interchange and seats so far from the action you might as well watch the jumbotron. But hey, this is a time of joy, right? We're supposed to be grateful we have a team at all. Indeed, this is the point where we're all supposed to get weepy and nostalgic and forget that old championship (twice, and counting..., four times really) caliber team, and pretend that the doormat of the division scraped together from the dregs of the league is somehow a substitute, and welcome them "back" as if it never happened. Oh, and praise der Kommisar for it all. Gosh, thanks for the knife through the heart. I'm sure I can just put it behind me and forget it. No worries. Although, it is a little hard to forget DeRo and Ching when you show DeRo and Ching scoring goals for the Quakes to warm up the fans. Interesting choice to keep The Traitor conspicuously absent from the video of Great Moments in neo-Quakes History. So, yes, I have my season tickets, and I cheer for the Quakes, but there's still a sense of going-through-the-motions. If you gut me, do I not echo?

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

The box score: SJ 0, Fire 1. On the whole, not so bad. There was a certain sense of déja vu: lots of hard work, great approach work, and lousy (or absent) finishing. The folks in my area spent the last 10 minutes shouting "shoot!", with that mixture of pleading and frustration that recalls many an evening with the Quakes. (And the Clash, come to that.) Still, to contain Blanco (mostly) and come millimeters from scoring several times, not bad, not bad at all. It was great to see Cannon in goal (for my money the best goalie to wear a Quakes jersey and the most honest about the harm done to the local soccer fans by the Hijacking) and Corrales has clearly learned a thing or two in Europe. The defense (especially Riley) looked alarmingly fragile on quick counter-attacks, the center of midfield couldn't hang on to the ball, and boy oh boy do the Quakes need a big strong finisher up front. But, on the whole, it looks like a Quakes team.