A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

One upon a time, Watford had a bright young striker with buckets of talent and a promising future. The fans adored him, and showered him with praise and applause. As frequently happens in such cases, the bright young lad fell for his own hype and started thinking he didn't need to work hard, that somehow he just needed to show up on the pitch and the waters would open for him. As is always the case, this wasn't so. While he was at Watford there were quiet mutterings about his work rate and his tendency to check out of matches for a half hour or so, but mostly he got a pass from the fans for the true brilliance he possessed and for the moments when he chose to show it.

But then. Then, as frequently happens, he looked for grander prospects elsewhere, in this case the Netherlands, and in going said some unkind things about the team that gave him his chance, forgetting how the people who ultimately paid his wages (the fans) might feel about that. "I have nothing left to prove at this level," said he, and other words that amounted to "they are beneath me, contemptible, not worth my glorious time."

As frequently happens, when moving to the tougher venue, he was shocked, shocked to discover that indeed the waters did not part for him, and indeed, he didn't even rate a starting spot, or even, sometimes, a spot on the bench. And the Watford fans, who had so adored him back when, were glad. Well, they said, he was only Watford's fourth best striker anyway. He was thereafter and to this day known as W4BS.

So. Landon. At least W4BS tried to make it at the higher level. But Q4BM (or L4BS, if you'd rather) gave it, oh my, 10 weeks, before crawling back home to momma. He had the chance to show what US soccer players could be. He had the chance to raise his game to the level it needs to be for the national team. We wished him well. With sadness, but with anticipation too. More than one Quake fan started looking through the listings for Bundeslige matches so we could follow his progress. And after 10 lousy weeks and one start, he packed it in. He didn't even miss a single MLS match.

One of two things is true: (1) Q4BM fell for his own hype machine and honestly thought that he could just walk onto a European team packed with international talent or (2) he was heading for LA back in November and the German interlude was just to give time for the MLS and AEG to align their dominoes correctly. I always took Q4BM to be too grounded for option (1) although his alarming lack of interest in many of last season's games may speak otherwise. We thus conclude that he is a contemptible liar who spent most of the last season marking time until MLS could make his desires come to fruition.

  • MLS has Q4BM in LA, where they always wanted him to be.
  • AEG has Q4BM in LA, where they always wanted him to be.
  • Q4BM is in LA, where he always wanted to be.

Everything, all the way back to the Mulrooney trade, was just engineering to accomplish this task.