Chicago 2 Quakes 1


This was a bad one to lose.

This could well be the point at which the season became irretrievable. And given all the swirling angst surrounding possible buyouts and moves of the team, this could well be the point at which MLS in San Josť became irretrievable. Soccer is a hard enough sell as it is. Selling a team that can't seem to win is just about impossible.

The Quakes should have won it and could have won it. How did it all go wrong? I think the key was when Onstad let in yet another soft goal from outside the box. That meant that the Quakes had to keep pushing hard after getting the equalizer, which is what left directly to them being exposed at the back, where some bad covering cost them the second. Some might blame Kinnear's decisions for this, but I don't think that's right. Kinnear sat Donovan for the first half, which I actually think was a good thing to do, because the Golden Boy's head hasn't been entirely in the game, and sitting focuses his mind. The first 20 minutes he came on, he was awesome. I also think having Cochrane subbed off at half time was a good choice too: he was looking very shaky. On the other hand, Dayak doesn't look good for a full game, so only playing him for a half was probably a good choice as well. Where I do fault Kinnear, however, is the choice of subbing off DeRosario for Donovan. Much better would have been to pull DeRosario to the midfield wing (replacing Corrales) and putting Donovan up-front with Ching. Pulling Waibel in favour of Alvarez turned out to be a bum move as well, but not one that seemed a priori wrong. Alvarez just didn't have a good day.