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Watford FC

One of the things I love about Watford is that their weirdest things seem to happen to them. In the latest bit of farce, a certain Mr. Atwell, referee, awarded as an own goal a ball that actually (and clearly) crossed the end line several yards from goal. He has been awarded credit, if that is the correct word, for the goal himself, following a review by the FA.

Of all the lousy, two-bit, ill-starred woeful teams to have fallen for, this one tops the list. Watford have seen any number of talented players pass through the side, only to move on to bigger and better things, including quite a number of talented goalkeepers (coincidence? I think not). They have had the good fortune to have had Elton John's interest and occassionally money, and benefitted from the tutelage of an excellent manager in Graham Taylor. Still, Sir Elton has quit the board, Taylor has gone off to other pastures, and Watford had just that one brief shining moment of glory, coming in second in the old First Division and losing in the Cup. For the rest of their unstarred existence they have been, as one commentator had it "a bye-word for suburban mediocrity". Doesn't matter. I still love 'em, even if I now live too far away to see them play.

Question: "Why do you follow Watford?"
Answer: Blind, stupid, and desperate.

San Jose Earthquakes

  • Season two
  • They are still not my Quakes, not quite. I still can't watch the Dynamo and not see my Quakes, not quite. Still, I see signs of promise, and I expect I'll get to the unreserved enthusiasm eventually. And I always thought Huckerby was a fantastic player.


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