Art code repository

Last update: 20210827

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art/ (21M)
Complete repository including sample data files.
art/ (21M)
Data files. Includes verb and noun lists derived from WordNet.
Just the code, without the large data files.


The code here is generally licensed as CC-BY ( Attribution should be to Mary Holstege and include a link to the code base at Work in progress. Trust but verify. Use at your own risk. IANAL.

Other sources

Some of the same data is based on WordNet 3.0® and is made available under that license (see data directory).

The noise code is a port of noise-rs which is used under an MIT License (see noise directory).

The colour space conversion code is a port of hsluv-c which is used under an MIT License (see colourspace directory).

The tiling code is a port of tactile-js which is used under a BSD license (see tiling directory).