API documentation is in the various subdirectories, e.g. string/api.html as well as in the documentation directory.


The code here is generally licensed as CC-BY (

Attribution should be to Mary Holstege and include a link to the code base at


Some of the same data is based on WordNet 3.0® and is made available under that license (see data directory).

The noise code is a port of noise-rs which is used under an MIT License (see noise directory).

Much of the colour space conversion code is a port of hsluv-c which is used under an MIT License (see colourspace directory).

Much of the SDF code is based in part on code from Inigo Quilez which is used under an MIT License with some operators from Karsten Schmidt which is used under an Apache license, and a few details from Electric Square Ltd., also under and MIT License (see sdf directory).

The gradients are based on gradient definitions from a variety of sources used under MIT, BSD, and CC Licenses (see COLOURS directory).

The Wave Function Collapse algorithm is a port of the WFC code, which is used under an MIT license. See wfc directory.

Significant changes





[1] Requires functions from the and namespaces.

[2] Depends on Saxon Java API extensions; metadata saved in a secondary file due to lacunae in Java PNG implementation.

[3] See Paul Bourke "CONREC: A Contouring Subroutine" ( for more information.

[4] See for more information.

[5] See Valeriy G. Narushin, Michael N. Romanov, and Darren K. Griffin " A universal formula for avian egg shape" ( for more information.

[6] See Scott Draves & Erik Reckase "The Fractal Flame Algorithm" ( for more information.