This letter is the last of the Civil War letters. The original is very faded and some of the words are almost invisible (the scratches of the pen on the paper can be followed somewhat). The middle paragraph was the faintest. The letter is a bit anti-climactic, I'm afraid -- it has to do with the distribution of money. The regiment had just concluded the seige of Savannah following the march to the sea, prior to moving on to the Campaign of the Carolinas. "Billey" may be William Lindsey, a younger brother.

The Letter Contents

                              December 27 1864
                              Camp Savanah, GA.

                                   Dear friends
I this morning sit down to let you no that I am
still well, And hope you are in good health.  I
rote A letter the other day to Billey and some
to you.

I will write A few lines to you This morning to
Sand [send] this order in to graw [draw?] my
hunderd dolars and one to draw [?]hixinborough and
they both ar mine.  I payed Moses for his you can
keep it till I tell you what to do with it.

The money is at Chillicothe or at Columbus you
can find out Take your pay out of it for your
troble getting it.  If we stay hear long we
will get payed off and I will send 1.50 dolars
or 1.00 at least.

                       Write often and oblige
                       S. F. Lindsey