Our hero, who is now in the army himself, received this letter from his sweatheart back home (whom he later married). Again, spelling, punctuation, and grammar is the fault of the author, not me. Sarah's spelling and grammar are more of a challenge than Solomon's, I warn you. (She tends to drop silent e's from the ends of words. Here -> her, etc.) On the other hand, you can just hear that broad farmgirl's accent. At this time, James' regiment had just fought in the battle at Kolb's Farm.

The Letter Contents

                                Hacking Co.
                                Ohio June the 24

Dear sir it is with much placher that I take my
pen in hand and move to ancer your kind letter
which i got las mail and was glad to her from
you agin and that you was well[.] it found me the
same and I hope when you get this it will find
you still well[.] this is the third letter that I
hav reeting to you and you never get any of
them[.] I dont no the resen of you not geting them[.]
I spect you think that I never write to you but
I have ancerd ever letter that I ever got from
you[.] your time is beter then haf up and i wash
it was clear up[.] I am afraid tha will take you
and put you in the battel field when your time
is up[.] you stated in your letter that you get
ordes to go to the frunt and I hope that will
never be the Case[.] the heaf [they have] you running around
so much that you never get any letters that i
write to you[.] well I am glad to her that you
Can go to meeting sundys[.] it will help to
pass away the time[.] well we havnt had any
letters from Jo sins you left her[e] and for along
time before you left but we herd that he was in
the hospitel at tensee sick and that is all we
can her from him for we dont no the number of
the hospitel to write to him[.] well James Lindsey
i havent nothing strang to tell you fo ther is
nothing strang going on her.  I was to meeting
last sunday[.] twist [it was] for the first time sins
you left her[.] well James L I must bring my Letter to
A Cloas for this time[.] pleas excus my bad
writing and all the macks [marks][.] write soon as you
get this if you can and i will ancer them all[.] I
wash you was at home agin[.]
i will not for get you while you air gon[.]
good by for this time if you ever get it
              your truly
From Sarah Pettet to Mr. James Lindsey