This is another letter from Sarah Pettet to James Lindsey. At this time the regiment just beginning the siege of Atlanta.

The Letter Contents

                         Hacking Co. Ohio  1864
                                    July the 22

Dear friend I agin take my pen in hand to ancer
you most kind letter wich found me well and
truly glad to her from you agin and that you
was well tho you have A hard life to live while
you air gon ispose [I suppose] but as you say your time
is prety nair out and then you will get to come
home ispose alittel which but I cant no haw
long you will get to stay[.] I am sarey to her
that you have to littel to eat but your time
will soon be up[.] well James I got afew lines
from you to day and you said you got A letter
from me with no stamp on[.] if you did it has ben
taken of for I never sent such A letter to any
parsan[.] I want you to tell me if you had it to
pay for agin
Well James you needent to send me any more
stamps for ihave stamps what will dou me til
you Come home agin[.] well James you say you air
giting tired of [?]sangern [soldiering?][.] ispose
you air for i no it is a hard life to live[.]
well James we got A letter from Joseph and more
and he is well and is going to his regimet agin[.]
well I was down to town yesterday and I herd you
regement was in A battel and that ther is severl
of them wounded[.] I hope you air not one that
air hert[.] I hope the time will no be long when you
will get home agin

well James imust bring my shart letter to a
cloas for this time[.] you must excus me for this
time if you pleas[.] I have answerd all of your
letters but one and that was in harvest and I
did not have time to write but I will ancer all
of the rest so you must excuse me for not
ancern it
write soon, from your friend
                Sarah Pettet

                to Mr James Lindsey

excuse my bad writing and all macks if you pleas