This letter is postmarked January 4th in New York. The hand is very elegant, almost caligraphic. As indicated by the content, the regiment was still involved in the siege of Atlanta.

The Letter Contents

                             Camp near Atlanta
                             August 13th 164  [1864, presumably]

I just read the letter I got from you.  I was glad
to hear from you.  The boys is as well As Could be
expected from the hardships we have indured.  It
is the same old story Still Hamering Armery At the
City.  We have laid A seage on it.  And we have
got so Close to their works that we Can shoot from
our works to theirs.  We Keep up A regular
Canonaiderr All the while.  I was on picket the
other day or on the skirmish line rather.  We Are
Close [to] each other And I got A good Shot At A
Johnie.  I dont no wether I hit him or not, But I
no that he disipearded from site very soon.  I
regret to say that we have lost two of our best
generals we had in this Army you no that generl
McFerson was killed And generl Hooker has gon to
the Army of the Potomack.  We regret his loss to
us but he will do good wherever he goes.  Well
About that money if you stay At home just keep it
for me And if you have to go to the Army Again
leave it with mother So if I want Any She Can send
it to me for I don't no wether we will get paid
off or not.  Well I must Close And get in my
breastworks for they Are shelling is prety smart.

            Nomore At Preasant
            Solomon Lindsey